When August 10, 2021 at 6:00pm 2 hrs
Where Redlands School Bd @ 6pm Redlands, CA, United States



A few weeks ago, an angry group of anti-maskers disrupted the Redlands Unified School District board meeting, demanding that our district stops the mask mandate for the fall return. They threw a fit, banged on the doors, and the cops got called.

The school board must hear loud and clear that we will not let anti-maskers put our kids at risk as they spew anti-science racist misinformation in our district! The good news is that the school board is on our side -- for now. If we don't act right now and show our support to the school board, they may yield to the anti-masker's demands. That happened in other districts, and can happen in Redlands too.

This is not a rally! Our demand is sane and reasonable:
We want the school board to enforce masks indoors until our kids can be vaccinated.

We don't have much time: Take action NOW by completing the form on the right. The board meeting is on August 10th at 6pm. We will send you more information after you sign up.


[Update 7/20]: Recently we realized we weren’t being clear enough with what transpired at the school board meeting on 7/13. In addition to opposing masks, the unruly crowd also brought up the issue of critical race theory, which is not currently taught at RUSD schools and not of importance to their goal of children going without masks in schools. Our focus is not on addressing their demands against critical race theory, as this isn’t even an accurate depiction of the curriculum RUSD provides.