To our members and to fellow Democrats in our community, we are still reeling in from the events that played out yesterday in our Capitol, but we would like to offer a statement.
Many leaders from across the country and across the aisle expressed their dismay and disapproval of the actions that were meant to disrupt the most fundamental traditions of our democracy and what was meant to be a peaceful transition of power. We took comfort in the fact that our elected officials weathered the storm and completed their task with great determination and conviction. We were relieved to hear that our Congressman Aguilar was safe during the ambush.
We would like to acknowledge the words of Congresswoman Duckworth when the attempted coup took place. She made it clear that she fought to defend our democracy and our right to protest. “What we saw today was not a protest, it was an attempted coup. I refuse to let anyone intent on instigating chaos or inciting violence deter me from carrying out my Constitutional duties..."
In these dark times, our members, many who are people of color, felt the wounds of injustice open, as we watched these protestors vandalize and desecrate the halls of Congress, steal and loot federal property, fly confederate flags, and set up a noose just outside our Capitol. Some members remarked that yesterday was proof of the unjust system of inequality and racism- proof of white privilege. As Democrats, it is our duty to call out the injustice, and to lift the voices of the oppressed and the underserved. We understand that the next four years will not be easy, as more ugliness and hatred will continue to unveil. But, we shall continue fighting the good fight and working hard to protect one another.
A tip we received when things get overwhelming or when there is trauma infliction is to try to find the things we can control, and to try to find some positives that can uplift our soul. We ask you to remember our extraordinary feat in Georgia, something that many political pundits deemed impossible. We ask that you remember that on January 20th, we will have our first female, woc Vice President and a new president in power. We ask you to remember that the covid vaccines are continuing to be deployed throughout the nation. We ask you to find a glimmer of hope in this time of unrest. We are here for you, we stand with you, and we will fight with you.
Thank you,