The Redlands Area Democratic Club vehemently disagrees with and rejects the Redlands City Council’s decision not to fly the LGBTQIA+ flag during Pride Month in June.

RADC members along with fellow Redlands residents and, most particularly, members of Redlands’ LGBTQIA+ community have expressed their feelings to the Councilmembers, but they were ignored by a majority of these elected representatives or dismissed as unimportant.

Redlands has flown the LGBTQIA+ flag in the past. We believe this decision to reverse course violates both the City Council's new goal of inclusivity (as referenced in the Redlands Strategic Plan) and moves our city backwards, not forwards.

RADC acknowledges, accepts, and unreservedly supports the members of our LGBTQIA+ community. We are very concerned that any candidates for any elected or appointed position we support are fully in line with our values. Our Executive Board is meeting to discuss the actions we will take, and we will announce those shortly.

We invite our fellow residents to join with us in creating a more inclusive Redlands which welcomes all who wish to live in our city.

--Redlands Area Democratic Club Executive Board