It's time for delegate elections! Assembly District Delegates (ADD) are our community liaisons to the party and our elected officials. They vote on endorsements of candidates and propositions, and advocate for the party platform and resolutions. They are responsible for planning and attending informational meetings throughout the region.AD delegates vote within CA Democratic Party on behalf of the community they represent at CDP Regional Meetings, the California Democratic Party Convention, and those who are also elected to serve as an Executive Board member are responsible for voting and representing their community at the semi-annual E-Board meetings.

RADC wishes to thank all of the candidates for ADEM elections for running for this important position. We are proud to have 10 RADC members among the candidates.


We strongly encourage all of our members to register to vote in this important election. Voters must be Democrats and mail-in ballots must be postmarked by January 27th.

The candidates

To help our members and the broader AD40 community become educated voters in these election, RADC prepared questionnaires for the Assembly District Delegate Candidates in AD40, and invited all candidates to submit responses. The full set of responses is available here.

Below is the complete list of candidates for AD40 along with their Candidate Statements and their questionnaire responses, if one or both was submitted. Click on the individual's name to download their RADC questionnaire.

Alexandra G Beltran

Alexandra Beltran is a candidate for delegate for Assembly District 40. She is a lifelong Democrat that first got involved at 17 registering people to vote at community events. Since then she worked for a number of campaigns on Congressional, State, and local level within AD40. In 2018, Alex ran for San Bernardino City Council and only lost by 8 votes. Her advocacy helped change the recount policy in San Bernardino County, but she believes there is still more work to be done on local campaign policy.
Most recently Alex has served as the California Young Dems Inland Empire Regional Director for the past two years, appointed CYD Ambassador on the Credentials Committee, and volunteered on 12 local campaigns this past election cycle. She knocked over 1000 doors in the Primary and made over 2500 calls to voters for the General Election.
She is ready to represent AD40 on a state level and continue to build the voter base in the Inland Empire. She hopes to advocate for more support for local campaigns and improvement on the Coordinated Campaign program. She also wants to ensure more representation from Young Dems in state leadership.


Diana Cosand

Hello fellow Democrats! I am proud and honored to be considered as an ADEM Delegate for the 40th Assembly District. I am a college professor and scientist, having taught biology at Chaffey College for 20 years. I am a teacher of environmental science and California environmental issues. As such, I will advocate for clean air and water and preservation of California’s public lands and wildlife. I serve on the Executive Board of our union, the Chaffey College Faculty Association. As a proud union board member, I will fight hard for good-paying jobs for all Californians. I also serve on the Executive Board of the Democratic Club of Rancho Cucamonga and the Board of Directors of the Southern California Botanists, and am a proud Sierra Club member. As a scientist and conservationist, I will fight hard to stop climate change.


Lorraine Enriquez (RADC Member and President)

My name is Lorraine Enriquez and I have been a lifelong proud Democrat. My parents were John F. Kennedy, catholic Democrats and raised me to exercise my voting privileges. I was raised in the Inland Empire, born in San Bernardino and attended Colton public schools. I attended Riverside City College and have a Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State University San Bernardino. I’m currently an Independent Insurance Broker and run my own business. I’m committed to flip San Bernardino County from Red to Blue. I have been a member of the Redlands Area Democratic Club (RADC) for five years. I have been the Club’s Secretary for two years and was unanimously elected as the President. As President of RADC this past election, our club mailed over 1,100 brochures, delivered 130 yard signs and dropped off over 300 door hangers for various endorsed candidates in San Bernardino County. We have grown our membership from 75 members to 115 since August, 2020.  I have also volunteered as a Poll worker for the Registrar of Voters and was a Supervisor. I have worked on national, city and state candidate campaigns as a volunteer and volunteer coordinator. I am a grassroots type of Democrat that believes that every vote counts. My passion is immigration reform, housing issues, equal pay for equal work and affordable healthcare. I am proud of the work I have done for the Democratic Party and would appreciate your vote to help shape the party’s platform, elect our new leadership and bring ideas for the future of the party.


Kris Goodfellow  (RADC Member and Trustee)

My name is Kris Goodfellow

● I have decades of community service. I am the volunteer who makes organizations successful. I serve as chair of the Board of CASA of San Bernardino supporting foster youth, sit on the Redlands Cultural Arts Commission, lead Public Policy for AAUW Redlands, participate in the Rethinking Public Safety Coalition, and fundraise for Steps4Life, addressing homelessness. I am also the programming chair for the Redlands Area Democratic Club and am currently a delegate.

● I have had a successful 25-year career as a journalist, technologist and entrepreneur. I lead a startup focused on fighting regional economic inequality. I have the ability to build coalitions to address the problems that plague our state. As a delegate I am active in the women’s, children’s, labor and environmental caucuses. I have used my tech knowledge to support central committee.

● I am a fierce competitor. From college athletics to local politics, I dig in and don’t let go. I have devoted many hours to organizing, fundraising, letter writing and phone banking for candidates up and down the ballot. I am motivated by my commitment to improving the lives of all residents of the Inland Empire.

Why I’m Running

I have worked hard for my success. I started working a real job at 15, and never stopped. I went to Northwestern University. There, I waited tables, was a teaching assistant and wrote stories to pay the rent. When I graduated with a degree in journalism and a mountain of debt, my first full-time journalism job didn’t include healthcare, and paid less than waitressing could have. So many people in the Inland Empire are living paycheck-to-paycheck one accident away from disaster. Our party needs to fight for big systemic changes that will give hardworking people their fair share.

After that first job, I got a break and went on to work for The Chicago Tribune. Then the New York Times and the Associated Press. While at AP fighting to be heard as a young woman, I partnered with Esri, the Redlands-based mapping software company. Later, I joined Esri and lead adoption an online product. Nearly two decades later, I have put down deep roots in the community and the region. I am a proud wife and mother. My son Bennett, attends UCR. My husband, Brian owns and operates Voyager Search. Our new puppy, Porter is named for my favorite Congresswoman, Katie Porter.


Sonya Gray

Sonya Gray-Hunn, Grassroot Organizer. What I offer as a candidate for the 40th Assembly District Delegate is a solid commitment to assuring that the 40th district moves forward with the voice of the people. My passion stems from residing in the city of San Bernardino for over 29 years. I have seen many challenges and minimal economic growth while working in the service industries, early education, and my current position of being a grassroots organizer. I would strive to create streams of livable wages to move toward sustainable growth and prosperity. My priority is to address the dire need to develop sustainable housing in connection to the health and wellness of individuals who have called Highland, Loma Linda, Redlands, San Bernardino, and the southern Rancho Cucamonga area their home.

My work as a grassroots organizer has afforded me the opportunity to play a role in parent engagement and housing justice movements. In these roles, I have advocated and addressed issues around policies, practices, and disparities. I have been allowed to gain vital insight into the critical role civic leadership plays in supporting our democracy and ensuring that the voices of everyday people contribute to social change. As a community organizer, I am proud of my contributions to these accomplishments:
Organizing a diverse coalition of parents to help win $1.3 million appropriations for parent engagement resulting in a new framework for parent engagement and the creation of Enrollment and Resource Center in San Bernardino City Unified School District.
Leading lobbying efforts to push for rent control policies through Proposition 10 and 21; working to pass legislation to address rent gauging, housing discrimination, and displacement; and working with state and local housing justice advocates to pass rent moratoriums and other protective measures to keep people housed in response to the pandemic.
Coordinating an emergency response aid program providing food, transportation, and housing support to more than 100 families experiencing hardship during the pandemic.
Leveraging legal advocates to support a range of tenant issues and initiating a class action for victims of forced displacement.

As an Assembly District Delegate, I will work for the betterment of our children, young adults, seniors, and veterans. Let’s build together! Contact me at [email protected].


Ryan Harsch  (RADC Member)

My name is Ryan Harsch, and I am running to represent fellow Democrats as an Assembly District Delegate for the California Democratic Party. I have been a resident of this district for the past 25 years, and a special education teacher in San Bernardino since 2006. With this experience, I have seen the challenges that face our district. I have also witnessed the potential that resides among its citizens to lead the way in positive and progressive change. As a delegate, I am prepared to help propel this progression, as well as promote and advance the CADEM’s party platform in collaboration with others.
I am an advocate for educational reform, and believe that our prosperity lies in the opportunities we afford our children both in the classroom and in preparation for the workforce.
I realize that systemic racism exists in a number of our institutions. This is prevalent in police brutality and the need for criminal justice reform. Police officers need to be community partners, not adversaries.
It is time we recognize that immigrants form the backbone of our state and communities. A call to action in regard to humane and fair treatment is desperately needed.
I am committed to fighting for economic reform. Our citizens deserve secure jobs. In order for our economy to flourish, everyone will need to contribute, including heads of corporations.
I am a proponent of expanding health care access so that all Californians can lead safe and productive lives. There should be no reason that citizens earning a minimum wage should have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket for prescription medications. Fair options are needed for all.
I am a supporter of climate change. An examination of how each one of us conducts ecological efforts, and a well-developed plan of what we need to do going forward, is direly needed.
As a CADEMs assembly district delegate candidate, I realize that the strength of our membership-based party lies in its representation. I am prepared to work with others to turn progressive ideals into significant actions, and speak for my community as a direct voice in the state party. I pledge my staunch representation in regard to legislation, ballot propositions, policy issues, and candidate endorsements. With all of this in mind, I am asking for your vote and faith in me as an assembly district delegate candidate, Assembly District 40.


Jacob Kleespies

My name is Jacob Kleespies. I’m a proud lifelong Democrat, a member of the Democratic State Central Committee, and union organizer. I currently serve as president of Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Local 909 here in San Bernardino County representing over 5,400 working men and women.
As President of my local union I fight every day to create good-paying jobs for our community and pathways for economic opportunity for our youth. I work closely with our local elected officials to negotiate project labor agreements that ensure that publicly funded construction projects are built by members of our Inland Empire community to protect our working men and women and generate community benefits.
I have been an active Democrat my entire life a have worked to make our party a more progressive and inclusive place where the voices of working people are heard. I have worked with local leaders like Congressman Pete Aguilar, Assemblymember James Ramos, and others to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and advocate for policies that improve the lives our community.
It has been a great honor to serve as a delegate for AD 40 for the past two years. As a delegate, I am committed to serve to the greater good of our district, and I hope to have the opportunity to serve for another term.


Monika Lebrecht


My name is Monika Lebrecht. I am asking to represent you as a delegate in AD-40. I am a devoted democrat, dedicated to progressive causes and share the traditional values of freedom, family, and community. I have worked as an entrepreneur and educator, and believe that our strength lies in our diversity and ability to unify in creating a more just and equitable society.

While this year has been particularly challenging, the difficulties we are facing have brought to light a great deal of inequity as well as opportunity to improve. We need to seize this moment to hold our elected officials accountable for the matters that have the greatest impact on our communities.

In a community that is located in one of the wealthiest regions in the world, yet enveloped by systemic deadening of prospects for it’s residents, it is upon us to bring relief to those afflicted by pursuing an agenda that works for everybody.

Acting as a conduit between representatives and the community, I can promise dedication and advocacy. I can promise that you will be seen, you will be heard, and you will be represented fairly. I appreciate your support and look forward to working together.


Stephanie Liggins (RADC Member)

It has been an honor to represent Assembly district 40 from January 2019-2021, and I am hoping for an opportunity to continue in 2021. During my tenure, I have had first hand experience with candidates running for Assembly, Congress, the Senate, City Council and other offices. This exposure allowed me to evaluate first hand who I felt would best represent the community I live and work in. Being an ADEM allowed those opportunities.
The greatest opportunity came from helping the candidates who requested my support and the ability to involve the African American community. So often, we are disenfranchised and kept ignorant of the policies that effect our communities and which candidate actually represents our best interests.
As a result, it brought out the activist in me, and I have been able to increase voter registration in my area and support for the candidates that actually seek to assist my community.
I have learned a great deal about the democratic process, and I believe that the Democratic Party is truly a party for the people. I believe in what we stand for as Democrats, and I have and will always fight for our right to have the voices of the people heard and acknowledged and as a delegate. I will make the most of that opportunity.
Congressman Pete and Assemblyman Ramos held gatherings to inform us of their work on our behalf and asked us what was occurring in our communities that we needed to share. It is empowering to know what is happening in government and be able to share it with friends and neighbors. I would like to continue. I am learning what to do and how to do it, so it would be a loss to my community to stop now. Thank you for your time, attention, and hopefully your support!
Stephanie M. Liggins, the activist!!


Danielle K. Little

Greetings! My name is Danielle K. Little and I am running to serve as a Delegate to represent Assembly District 40.
I am an unapologetic progressive, lifelong Democrat who believes that our country has been at a true inflection point since the current occupant of the White House took office. While he is not the cause of the ills, divisiveness and destruction that we have been subjected to, he is symptomatic of the problems that have plagued us since this country’s inception. As your delegate, I will fight to ensure that not only will decency be the goal of our political arena, but I will also advocate to implement actual, representative justice for our community.

My most recent foray into politics began decades ago, when I fought to ensure that local school districts ceased discriminating against students with disabilities and to ensure meaningful equity and representation in the educational curriculum. I am a Senior Attorney at Estelle & Kennedy, APLC and my distinctive skillsets enhance the areas that I handle for the firm, which include civil rights, business litigation, labor and employment, criminal defense and administrative matters. I am also a former teacher and adjunct college professor, positions which further informed my desire to serve on behalf of people across races, cultures, gender identities and abilities.

I believe that we need to have progressive leaders in our party who are not afraid to state that police brutality, racial discrimination, sexism, misogynoir, voter suppression, homophobia, heterosexism, ableism, the refusal to guarantee competent healthcare for every citizen and economic inequity are unacceptable social ills that must be completely eradicated so that our community, state and nation can live up to the ideals that they espouse.

I believe in an open tent Democratic Party comprised of people who truly believe that humanity, meaningful representation and equity are the pillars from which we can work together. I am committed to expanding this tent. With your support, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our voices will be heard, elevated and implemented into tangible, concrete policy and progressive action. Thank you for your consideration and I would be honored to work on your behalf.


Pesach Lubinsky

With the potential to become the majority in Congress just weeks away, our Party is on the verge of a historic moment for delivering long-sought change for the American people, and helping our country recover from a pandemic-wrought crisis. I am excited about the prospect of working together as a Party, and with labor, community groups, and others, to seize this moment, and to help California lead in passing and implementing nationwide economic stimulus, sustainable infrastructure development, and structural justice reforms that work for all of us. Thank you for your support. Si se puede.


Jesus Medina

I’ve been a AD40 resident for the last 25 years, I’m a public employee who’s see the need of our community at first hand, I’m a community leader co-founder of a community group that helps our city. Spent 5 years on Building Commission representing my City. I want to be your delegate to bring your voice and your ideas to the table, I want your voices to be heard in the different conversations, I’m a hard working man and I’ll do my very best to represent you.


Treasure A Ortiz

My name is Dr. Treasure Ortiz, I am a resident of the City of San Bernardino and I am seeking your support to become a delegate for the 40th Assembly District.

What the 2020 election has shown us is, that unless we are united, we cannot win. Too many elections are being lost and our representation is fading. We cannot just rely on being a predominantly “blue” state when in reality, we live in a region that is becoming Republican led.

We need to make sure that our voices are heard and that we find a cohesive stride so we can be successful together. The beauty of our Party is its diversity, we are the culmination of everything that is great about our Country and making sure that we are equally represented is key. As a delegate for the 40th I will make sure that our voice is heard, our input is submitted and that we are working as a team to move forward our party’s platform.

It’s time for energy, excitement and engagement! Teamwork makes the Dream Work ….. Let’s do this TOGETHER!

For more information about me please visit:


Tim Prince

Education, experience and empathy are three reasons why I believe I deserve the honor of your vote to represent you to the DSCC. I earned a degree in political science with highest honors from U.C. Berkeley. Focusing on domestic politics, I learned the dimensions and tolerance of the American voter, the governmental strategies that work and the role government can play in creating opportunity and fairness in the economy and in our lives.

My 30 years experience as a consumer attorney and many years as a Democratic Club officer and Central Committee member have prepared me to promote effective candidates and policies. I currently serve as President of the Democratic Luncheon Club of San Bernardino, where we have identified and supported great candidates like Majority Leader Eloise Reyes, Supervisor Baca, School Board President Rodgers and Councilmember Johnson-calvin. On December 4, I was re-elected President by a 3 to 1 margin.

My empathy comes from life choices. After attending college in Berkeley and law school in San Francisco, it would have been easy to stay in the Bay Area. However, I knew my home town San Bernardino needed new leadership and approaches. I knew I could impact people’s lives and make a difference. I have done that not only through my service through Democratic politics, but as President of Habitat for Humanity and Rotary and Chair of a local ballot measure campaign. I have helped provide homes for families in need, increased aid to students, provided leadership experiences for young people and advocated for fiscally responsible, effective government.

Our CA Democratic Party needs experienced, progressive leadership to promote policies and candidates who will provide opportunities for the homeless, first-time homeowners and students who seek higher education without towering debt. California can recover from Covid-19 and reach new heights as the Nation’s progressive leader.

As your DSCC delegate, I will work with Assemblyman Ramos, new Supervisor Baca, city and local leaders to register Democrats, increase turnout, support great candidates and policies to make our region and State a better place to live, learn and work. Your support and vote will be appreciated. Go Democrats!


Joseph Richardson (RADC Member)

I am asking for your support to represent AD-40 once again as a delegate. As head of the Racial and Economic Justice Practice Group at the McCune Wright Arevalo law firm, I practice civil rights, consumer class action and employment law on behalf of Plaintiffs. I speak on justice issues including legal and ethical responsibility to community audiences. Every day, i seek to partner with community, religious, and political leaders to advocate for change. I thrive on bridgebuilding, which means that i want to continue to help Democrats connect and work with other Democrats toward the goals we all share. The 2020 national election demonstrates what we can accomplish when we work together and focus on what we have in common. I am a lifelong party member and prioritize the vibrancy of our party through responsive candidates that address pressing issues. There is much work to be done; issues related to COVID-19, the resulting difficult economy, the environment, homelessness, and criminal justice, come to mind. We are in a uniquely difficult time that will require engaged representatives, thinking outside of the box and consistent action on behalf of our most vulnerable citizens. We must show citizens of all types that Democrats have answers for problems in their communities. As Delegate, i will serve as a conduit between our elected leaders and our citizens, encouraging (and even admonishing if need be) our electeds to be truly representative of us all. Change in the White House should hopefully facilitate more sensitivity to state and local issues and send related help to state and local governments. As your delegate, I will make sure that your concerns are heard so that we facilitate the arrival of real help to our communities. I would be honored to have your support.


Mario Saucedo (RADC Member and Community Outreach Chair)

Greetings my name is Mario Saucedo, I’m a life long resident of the City of Redlands. I retired in 2018 as Public Employee for the City of Redlands with 30 years of service in the Municipal Utilities and Engineering/ Water Department. Additional experience: Past-president for San Bernardino Public Employees, Teamsters Local Local Union 1932. Board Commissioner-Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino and served one term as chairman. Currently, Commissioner for City of Redlands Planning Commission. Currently, CEO of Common Vision Coalition, a grassroots organization that advocates for youth and families.
Currently, board member: Redlands Community Foundation; and Museum of Redlands.
Member: Sons of the American Legion Post 650; Chicano Latino Caucus of San Bernardino; Redlands Area Democratic Club.


Christian Thomas Shaughnessy

My name is Christian Thomas Shaughnessy and I am a 26 year old community organizer with SBX Youth and Family services, a Black and POC lead organization that works to end the cradle to prison pipeline. I was a delegate to the 2020 DNC Convention and an organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. I worked as a volunteer coordinator for the party endorsed Yes on Proposition 15 campaign. I also taught English a year overseas as a teacher’s assistant. I am a loud and proud native son of the city of San Bernardino where I attended public schools from elementary to community college and joined Mecha, an organization that advocates for the Chicano people.

These experiences with voters and children in poverty taught me that we need a progressive party that elects candidates devoted to fighting for people of color and workers. I believe that labor and people of color have a unique ability to win in our district and all across California if we run excellent outreach to them. We saw this in our unexpected win in Georgia and winning performances in swing state metro areas.

With the experience as a delegate and organizer I already have, I will effectively represent our district and our constituent’s many needs to the state party. This includes the popular ideas of universal healthcare, racial justice, police accountability, advocating for warehouse workers and cleaning the polluted air of the Inland Empire. These issues are also personal for me. Like far too many people I experience the odious burdens of medical and student debt and know what it is like to be on food stamps and Medi-Cal. Furthermore, I also recognize the need to work with people who do not agree with all of my political views. I did this as a DNC delegate and campaign organizer and will do it again to serve the fine people of the 40th Assembly District.

Together we can build a party that looks like its constituents, fights for its constituents, and wins for its constituents.

Let’s do it!

With fraternity,

Christian Thomas Shaughnessy


Michael Tamony (RADC Member)
My name is Michael Tamony. I am currently the Communications Officer for the San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association (SBCERA).

I am a versatile, accomplished Communications Officer highly regarded for 10+ years of progressive experience in cross-platform communication, content creation, budget management, and media relations for major institutions and Fortune 500 companies. I have a proven track record of increasing communication reach in competitive markets through enhanced web presence and effective public relations campaigns. I am respected as a motivational, influential leader and collaborator who guides team members in realizing project goals. I have built and maintain lasting, productive relationships with stakeholders, clients, and the community at large, achieving organizational objectives through a people focused approach. I am Out-of-the-box thinker committed to improving communications strategy to enable growth.

Additionally, I am a Union Steward in our SEIU bargaining team. I helped negotiate the first ever labor contract for the staff of SBCERA.

I am a realistic, progressive Democrat. I understand that District 40 is a “purple” district and that providing a political balance that reflects the needs of the current electorate is important. I am interested in helping to engage Democrat voters within the Inland Empire region in a more modern and inclusive way. Electing Democrats locally is my primary objective.

I am also highly technical and have built several websites as well as a mobile application available in Google Play and Itunes.

My website is:


Leslie Udvardi

My name is Leslie Udvardi, and I want to be a Delegate for Assembly District 40.

I have always been interested in politics, with a real passion for governing that represents the working class.

I am the mother of four children. My BS is in math and science, and I have taught in public and private schools. I have worked in banking as a senior loan officer and in private law as a paralegal. After having kids, I have tutored students. Teaching has helped me sharpen my communication skills, and has given me experience working with a wide range of people, from students to parents to administrators. My time in law and in banking has given me a keen sense of the value of language.

My children have medical issues and I have had to navigate the complex and frustrating social and medical systems in place. This has taught me patience and persistence, but more importantly has taught me the value of making allies in a common cause.

Government hasn’t been representing the working class for four decades. It supports corporations through legislation, less regulation and corporate welfare, while the corporations pay few if any taxes. The working class pays taxes, yet when we need help there is no money except for tax cuts for the rich. There is no equity in this system. We will change that.

First is getting money out of politics. This can be accomplished several ways, here are four. First, we only elect Progressive candidates that take only small dollar donations. Second is comprehensive education in politics and political issues that affect everyone. This will establish a knowledgeable electorate who can then vote for their self-interest. Third is to set term limits for congresses and supreme courts, limiting the ability of bad actors to use their positions to enrich themselves and to suppress others. Fourth is to adopt ranked-choice voting so that we have choices in our elections instead of the trap of having to vote for the better of two evils.

This is not going to be easy. Initially we would need to push policy through local government. Once people in local communities see the benefits of good policies, we can expand our efforts to state and national levels. By implementing these and other Progressive policies we will be encouraging more participation and fostering a more equitable system. We will share in a goal of a government that actually works for everyone.


Julia Vega

I am a 24 year old bisexual Latina woman born and raised in the Inland Empire. I am a first generation college student pursuing my second degree. This second degree will be focused on political science. I have been involved in the political system for the past 4 years to ensure that working class people are heard and served. My interest in politics started at 10 years old when undocumented people organized and marched for immigration reform. My mother was undocumented at the time . The fear of ICE taking her away from my family was too much pain to bear. I knew at that moment that I had an obligation to fight for justice. As a Democrat, I believe we must stand up for people that are unprotected. This year I have faced unemployment and financial strain. I have protested and stood with Black lives matter in the midst of a pandemic with police guns pointed at us unarmed activists. We have collectively experienced the uncertainty of a presidential election . In November my father and I contracted COVID. I am not alone in these struggles as millions of Americans have had to face similar circumstances. Financial insecurity and police murdering and terrorizing Black and Brown Americans should not be tolerated in America. A president with undemocratic and racist behaviors does not deserve to represent our diverse America. Pandemic preparation should have been a priority years ago when scientists were warning government officials of the real threat of a respiratory virus pandemic. The failure of the president’s administration to serve the people in the midst of a national crisis should not have happened in America. Our country can do better to serve it’s people. We are facing so many obstacles collectively today. More protection to the working class can be provided. I know that we can find progressive solutions to problems facing us today . We are at the beginning of a progressive momentum . More progressive candidates are elected each election cycle. We cannot let that momentum slow down. As a proud resident of AD40 it is my honor to run to represent Women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ people, undocumented people, and all people who feel unheard and unserved. I promise to always hold to my progressive values and always ask for accountability from the Democratic party to it’s people. I hope I can count on your support.

Candidates without statements:

Curtis Dison (RADC Member)
Frank Garcia (RADC Member and Trustee)
Nancy J Glenn (RADC Member)
Erick Jimenez
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