Welcome to this week’s Call to Action, where you can find some of the latest events and news to help you take part in the issues that matter to our communities. 

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For Thursday, February 16, 2023


1.    Remember to Attend our February General Meeting on Saturday, February 18, 2023

Join us this Saturday, February 18, 2023, at 11 am at Sylvan Park (on the University Street side) for our monthly general meeting.  Our special guest will be local attorney Joe Richardson, who will speak with us about justice issues—both local and national.


2.    Community Chat with Republican Rep. Jay Obernolte (CA-23)

Because of redistricting, Jay Obernolte has become the representative for a number of us Redlands Dems. He will be holding a Community Chat in Loma Linda on Friday, February 24, from 8 am - 9 am at the Drayson Center's Collins Auditorium (25040 Stewart Street, Loma Linda).

Please RSVP in advance by going to obernolte.house.gov/community-coffee. The entrance for the event will be the Conference Entrance on the west side of the building.

To learn more of what Rep. Obernolte is actually doing in Congress (including his votes), you can visit this website: https://clerk.house.gov/members/O000019


3.   Take the 2023 Pledge to Attend Local, Municipal Meetings!

Local anti-LGBTQIA+ members of our community, along with outside hate groups, continue to focus their sights on Redlands. Proud Boys (who are not necessarily from Redlands) are continuing to tag, via stickers, sites around our city; they are also specifically targeting Safe Redlands Schools, which has been speaking up for our students and teachers and the wellbeing of our community as a whole. Please review the upcoming schedule of Redlands Unified School District Board meetings over the next year, and try to attend at least one: https://www.redlandsusd.net/board.

Also, review the upcoming Redlands City Council meeting schedule over the next year, and try to attend at least one a quarter, either in person or virtually. If necessary, be prepared to speak up if the Proud Boys, etc., show up: https://www.cityofredlands.org/meeting-agendas-minutes.

This is our community and our city. We need to stand up peacefully and vigorously against these hate groups and the hate- and fear-based lies being spread by a very small group of individuals from our community.

4.     Learn about the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors are the ones who brought us the ballot measure (which passed!) which contains approval for the Supervisors to explore secession from the State of California.

We need to get more involved in what the Supervisors are doing.

Make a pledge to attend or read the minutes of their meetings so that we can speak up and make our voices heard—they do not have a blank check to do what they want in our county because the conservatives in government have held power for so long.

For information about Board of Supervisor meetings, go to: https://cob.sbcounty.gov/board-of-supervisors-meetings/.


5.     Say Thank You to Senator Dianne Feinstein for Her Years of Service

California Senator Dianne Feinstein will be retiring from the Senate after 30 years of service when her term expires in two years.

Here is her statement (via Twitter) on 2/14/23:

“I am announcing today I will not run for reelection in 2024 but intend to accomplish as much for California as I can through the end of next year when my term ends. Even with a divided Congress, we can still pass bills that will improve lives.

“Each of us was sent here to solve problems. That’s what I’ve done for the last 30 years, and that’s what I plan to do for the next two years. My thanks to the people of California for allowing me to serve them.”

Send her a note of appreciation for her years of service to the State of California and to the nation at large:  https://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index. cfm/contact.



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