Last week, our right to privately choose what we do with our bodies was stripped away from us by the Supreme Court. This is a shameful act of betrayal for all Americans, including men. For most of our lifetime, our right to privacy has been available to us. Now we will see women, doctors, friends, and family being arrested for helping women who choose to get an abortion. Bounty hunters will receive a $10,000 reward in Texas for tracking down pregnant women seeking an abortion inside the state and on her way to another state. Make no mistake: the doors are wide open for other states to do the same. 

Shame on the Supreme Court Justices who outright lied to the American people during their confirmation hearings that they would uphold settled law and precedent, including Roe v. Wade

Last Friday’s decision is also poised to strip our privacy rights to choose who we love, who we marry, what gender we choose, our access to contraception, and on and on. For decades, the Republican party - with the help of evangelical activist congregations - has been scheming to make this day happen. 

Don’t be fooled by Republican talking points that Democrats are trying to destroy this country, because it’s a big lie. 

The only way we can fight back and reverse this horrendous decision is to vote on November 8, 2022 to elect candidates who can reverse this course. Join us in this fight! Democrats may not be able to contribute large sums of money to candidates, but our vote is absolutely worth just as much as anyone else's - it is no less valuable than Elon Musk's, or Charles Koch's or anyone else's. If we want change, we MUST VOTE

In a concurring opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas stated that the Supreme Court should reconsider GriswoldLawrence, and Obergefell — the rulings that now protect contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.

From now until the November midterm elections, support the efforts by the state of California to strengthen its sanctuary state status for all individuals seeking reproductive healthcare. Support one of the nonprofit organizations advocating for and providing access to reproductive healthcare. And, on November 8th, we must all VOTE to elect candidates who can reverse this course.

If we want to ensure our civil rights, we MUST VOTE. Speaker McCarthy is already talking about imposing a nationwide abortion ban should the Republicans gain a majority in the House. We can not allow that to happen.

Join us!  Visit the RADC website to view our Calls to Action. Become a member and help us. Our basic human rights are at stake. We are in this together.

Redlands Area Democratic Club