Compiled by RADC Members - Tracy Wise, Jeff Poggi and Israel Igualate



Welcome to this week’s Call to Action, where you can find some of the latest events and news to help you take part on the issues that matter to our communities.  If you have a call to action that you would like us to highlight, email us at: [email protected] 


For Friday, March 11, 2022

1. Supporting Refugees and Immigrants

Ukraine remains very much on everyone’s minds, so we are repeating this action item from last week.  If you are interested in doing something to support the humanitarian crisis developing in and surrounding Ukraine, here are some reputable aid organizations to check out and donate to:

CARE:  - but, for Ukraine specifically: 

UNICEF (focus is on children):   - but, for Ukraine specifically: 

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):  - but for Ukraine specifically: 

If you are considering other organizations to donate to, and are wondering about their bona fides, check out Charity Navigator for a quick review: 

If you are interested in assisting refugees more widely, these same agencies can also help (e.g., in Syria, Yemen, etc.).

Finally, we have an ongoing refugee/asylum seeker and immigrant situation at our southern border which still has our fellow human beings in peril.  Here are some ways you can assist with them:

RAICES: --RAICES provides legal assistance to immigrant families (donation opportunity).

Or, write to your senators and representatives requesting that immigration law reform must remain a top priority to promote the health and safety of refugees and those seeking asylum or the opportunity to immigrate to the U.S.


Dear Senator Padilla / Senator Feinstein / Representative Aguilar:

Our focus has shifted away from the situation on the southern border with the refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants seeking entry into the U.S. since President Biden assumed office. While I realize that the Biden administration is taking some interim steps, much more needs to be done. There is a lot happening in the world right now, and in the U.S., but we cannot forget the human beings trapped outside our borders. We need to ensure their humane treatment and also press for immigration reform now, and not later. These are actual human lives at stake.




Senator Diane Feinstein, 11111 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 915, Los Angeles, CA 90025 - (310) 914-7300 or [].

Senator Alex Padilla, 11845 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 1250W, Los Angeles, CA 90064 - (310) 231-4494  []

Representative Pete Aguilar, or 685 E. Carnegie Drive, Suite 100, San Bernardino, CA 92408 - (909) 890-4445

2. Get Involved Where You Are!

Our democracy has always been up to us:  learning about our local government, volunteering for community boards and commissions, running for office, and—most importantly—voting.

So this week: commit to learning more about the Redlands, Loma Linda, or Highland city councils (depending on which city you live in)—including agendas and meeting schedules—along with what commissions may have open spots; our local school boards (Redlands USD primarily, but Loma Linda and Colton, too); and San Bernardino County government. A search of each entity’s website will provide you with a wealth of information.

Next: make a decision to attend one of their upcoming meetings, virtually or in-person, and see what issues are being discussed and what votes are being taken. It will be easier in the future, then, to request opportunities to speak during the public open-discussion segments.  Let’s communicate with our local government entities so that they know what you think and what you recommend to move your city, your school district, and/or San Bernardino County forward.

Local government is you. And this is how you can get involved and lift your voice. 

3. Attend a Redlands Dems Monthly Meeting!

As we get ready to head into the primaries for the 2022 mid-terms, take advantage of candidate presentations and information which will be shared at monthly Redlands Area Democratic Club meetings.  

The next meeting will be taking place virtually, via Zoom, on Saturday, March 19, 2022, at 11:00 am.  The link to the meeting can be found on our website at: 

And with that we want to remind you to submit your event or call to action for consideration to: [email protected] -- Have a great rest of the week!


  • Redlands City Redistricting:  Our Congressional maps have been set, and the City Council voted unanimously on March 1st to select Public Map One. This is the map RADC advocated for, as the best map to recognize neighborhoods and promote equity while being well within the numerical requirements. The City Council will next do a final vote as part of the Consent Agenda at the next meeting on March 15, 2022, which will formally adopt the maps.  The map must be formally adopted by April 17, 2022, and it appears that we are well within the deadline.


More detail on the specific agendas for each meeting can be found at: 


  • The Rittenhouse trial demonstrated to us that judicial elections are incredibly important. Let us pledge together to become better informed prior to the next election where judges are on the ballot to ensure that we are electing qualified, non-partisan members of the bench to serve the judiciary in our region. #NoRittenhouseJudgesHere
  • Laws taking effect in California in 2022:  


The Los Angeles Times has a recent story on 43 of the new laws and how they may impact us.  You can find the story here: