Compiled by RADC Members - Tracy Wise, Jeff Poggi and Israel Igualate



Welcome to this week’s Call to Action, where you can find some of the latest events and news to help you take part on the issues that matter to our communities.  If you have a call to action that you would like us to highlight, email us at: [email protected] 


For Wednesday, March 30, 2022

1. Learn About Local Judicial Races!

What we learned by observing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is that voting for local judges is important. But how can we get better informed before our ballot arrives?

We have a new regional resource: Follow Our Courts.

They have a link to the judges running for office in the upcoming election. Please take a few minutes this week to take a look and get informed.

2. Learn about Your City Planning Commission

Alongside the City Council, the Planning Commission is an incredibly impactful body, whose decisions and recommendations to the Council for consideration and voting will literally change the face of the community and help (or hinder) a community’s resilience.

For example, in upcoming meetings, the Redlands Planning Commission will be making some important decisions about the proposed Redlands Mall project. The current Mall project is a proposed transit village-oriented (i.e., promoting use of the train), mixed use (i.e., homes and businesses), walkable community both to ensure the long-term economic health of our downtown and take responsible steps towards addressing the climate changes which are now underway (hint: continued suburban sprawl, which encourages driving, is not the way forward and is simply not sustainable). There is a lot of mis- and active dis-information surrounding the project (for example, accusations of “high rises” being planned, which is false). Watch a meeting, take the opportunity to share feedback with the commissioners, get accurate information, and raise your informed voice towards advancing the best possible solutions for our city. 

Link to Redlands Planning Commission site, for meeting dates, times, etc.: 

The next meeting:  APRIL 12, 2022 - 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Link to Highland Planning Commission site: 

Link to Loma Linda Planning Commission site: 

3. Learn about California’s Ongoing Drought

If you attended any of the ANCA talks, you heard about water issues and how they will impact Redlands.  Links are available on their Facebook (@AccelerateNeighborhoodClimateActionInRedlands), Instagram (@ancaredlands), and Twitter feeds (@ANCAredlands).

The fact is that they are impacting Redlands now. And Californians have back-tracked on their water conservation efforts. 

Take a few minutes today and read about the actions that Governor Gavin Newsom is taking to address the current moment: 

As the article says:

‘On the heels of the driest ever start to the year in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday issued a sweeping executive order calling on local water suppliers to implement more aggressive conservation measures as reservoirs dwindle and residents backslide in their efforts to cut back.

‘Specifically, the order requires that urban water suppliers activate “Level 2" of their locally customized contingency plans, meaning they must prepare for a shortage of up to 20%. The order also introduces steps to address a frenzy of well drilling in California’s Central Valley and directs state regulators to consider a ban on watering decorative grasses at businesses and public properties, among other measures.

And with that we want to remind you to submit your event or call to action for consideration to: [email protected] -- Have a great rest of the week!


  • The midterms are on their way!  Early voting begins on May 9th and runs through June 6th for the June 7, 2022, primary. For RADC endorsements, go to: 
  • Redlands City Redistricting:  Our Congressional maps have been set, and the City Council voted unanimously on March 1st to select Public Map One. The final vote came through the March 15th consent calendar. This is the map RADC advocated for, as the best map to recognize neighborhoods and promote equity while being well within the numerical requirements. This will be our new Redlands district map for the next 10 years. Thank you, everyone, for your efforts in preparing, submitting, and advocating for this map!
  • The Rittenhouse trial demonstrated that judicial elections are incredibly important. Let us pledge together to become better informed prior to the next election where judges are on the ballot to ensure that we are electing qualified, non-partisan members of the bench to serve the judiciary in our region. #NoRittenhouseJudgesHere